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Using Batch Headers in Remark Office OMR

The Remark Office OMR Data Center includes a batch processing feature that allows you to process batch header forms along with your forms. Batch header forms can provide further information about the group of forms being processed that can make your data more meaningful. For example, if you are processing student tests or course evaluations, you can process a batch header form containing information such as instructor name, class name, class section, and so forth. The batch header form is processed once, at the beginning of each batch. Then the forms that correspond to that batch header form are processed subsequently. The data from the header form is pre-pended to (added to the beginning of) each data record. You can start processing a new batch and its corresponding forms at any time. The header data is also available when it comes time to report on data in Remark Quick Stats.

This webinar is targeted to intermediate software users. We will not cover form template creation in full, so there is an expectation that you know the basics of form template creation.

Remark Office OMR Version 10
Video Duration = 35 min