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Marcus + Cynthia [Same Day Edit]

Since our early humble beginnings, a few things has changed but one belief of ours has always remained constant. A wedding is more than just the couple themselves. It involves their closed ones like their family and friends. We have always strive to document the bonds and the relationships that the couple share with everyone present in the shortest period of time that we are there for. And Marcus and Cynthia's wedding is a classic example of that.

Both their families are very close-knitted and we could see their genuine happiness when both their parents greeted us when we arrived in the morning. “Families are the compass that guide us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter.” ~ Brad Henry. Just how true is that. :)

We really adore Marcus and Cynthia as a couple. They have been together for many years but yet when they speak to each other, it is with teasing but always with utmost respect. During the photo-shoot, when we asked Marcus to kiss her, he would happily do it 3 times and they would just giggle amongst themselves after. Their dedication and love are truly an example to follow.

Family is some kind of a magic place, where one can get love, care, tenderness and understanding. Family is intended to heal us, not hurt. That’s why I wish you two to give each other only positive emotions. Marcus and Cynthia, we wish you the very best in building your own family together! :D

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