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Leslie + Yan Ping [Same Day Edit]

It was a beautiful, glorious Saturday. The sunlight gave a warm, fuzzy feeling and we really enjoyed the perfect light in the morning. Yan Ping has 4 sisters and all of them bonded so well together. The last time we filmed a bride with 3 sisters, there were tears aplenty as we captured some heartfelt moments. But this was the exact opposite. The 4 sisters were so candid and funny that we had much joy capturing their light-hearted moments. Like singing in unison to their nephew - every wedding can be so different and special in their own way. :)

We only knew about the letter that Leslie wrote to Yan Ping shortly before he arrived. We were lucky to have found the time to film his quiet moment and witnessed the strong bond that they share with each other.

May your love and faith for each other shine like a lighthouse for you even during the darkest nights and help you overcome all the storms of life! :D

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