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Same Day Edit

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Sean + Sarah [Same Day Edit + ROM Express Edit]

This is a heartwarming piece. They are both very close to their families and there were certain moments in the day that reminded us of our own relationships with our parents as well.

What struck us deepest was when Sarah walked down the aisle with her mum. Her mum gave a short speech that really touched our hearts. We could tell how precious Sarah meant to her and it must have been a bittersweet feeling. :)

We love this Same Day Edit to bits. Not because of style or technicality but the important moments this couple shared with their love ones.

Sean and Sarah, a big thank to you and your family for making us feel so home on your big day. You put in great trust in us and we cannot thank you enough for that. You guys are such a lovable couple and may the journey ahead be a fun and exciting one! :D

Rekord Haus Team


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