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Cyril + Patricia [Same Day Edit]

Cyril and Patricia is not your everybody couple. They are a tad shy but the bond they share with each other and their love ones are way beyond words. And thanks so much for inviting us to sit down with you guys for breakfast and lunch, we appreciate your kind gesture greatly. The food were awesomeee of course! :P

Their solemnisation were kept within their close friends and families. This was the first time we filmed at the new Alcove at Caldwell House and we love the whole intimacy of it. It also happened that the day coincided with Patricia's mother's birthday and everyone sang a birthday song for her. It was such a lovely moment and we had to share it in the Same Day Edit.

Cyril and Patricia, we hope you enjoy all of the pleasures that togetherness brings in life. May your life hereafter be filled with happiness and delights. We wish the both of you the very best on the days to come. Your adventures awaits! :)

Photographer // Caline Ng Photography

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Styled // Flour

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