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Wilson + Juliana [Same Day Edit]

This was probably the 3rd or 4th time that we filmed a bride with multiple siblings and we enjoyed each and every one of it. Each time, we were fortunate to witness their strong bond and it was no difference this time. That is what makes this wedding all the more memorable. :)

The church ceremony was really lively with Wilson's remarks. Their speeches were filled with laughters and tears, a perfect balance which made the ceremony an even more special one. Juliana has to be one of the most gentleness bride we know. There is always a smile on her face and that makes everybody so comfortable around her. While Wilson is the witty one, his confidence totally rubbing off everyone around him.

Wilson and Juliana, thank you sooo much for putting complete faith in us. We really like you guys and we pushed hard today to give the best we can. We really enjoyed putting together all the little moments in the 6 hours we spent together. Wishing you both many more days as happy as this one, many more occasions for celebration, and a lifetime of love and laughter! :D

Jude + Edwina

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