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Eugene + Joslyn [Same Day Edit + ROM Express Edit]

This wedding is FUN, FUN and more FUN. They specially handpicked the song, knowing how crazy the gatecrashing can be. It also went very well with their personalities, the cool and crazy bunch.

Eugene worked in the construction industry, so the yellow boots were really apt for gatecrashing. It fitted pretty well with the suit we thought haha. The groomsmen were very spontaneous as they participated in all the games without complain. The only complain is probably the punishment - grenade filled with pure vodka. Alcohol in early morning, what a way to start the day! :P

The solemnization in the evening was an intimate, poignant affair, the complete opposite from the morning. Both of them looked totally awesome together with their good looks.

Eugene and Joslyn, we appreciate your kind words and feel really proud to capture your big day. Stay young and look forward to the start of many wonderful things to come. :)

Rekord Haus Team


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