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Dominik + Nura [Edited Highlights]

We love cross-cultural weddings. Nura & Dominik's wedding ceremonies were split into two parts, one in Singapore and the other in Germany. We are proud to have our Edited Highlights to be shown in a foreign land, as the guests there will get to catch a glimpse of Singapore's beautiful landscape. :)

The wedding was very laid-back and simple, which was exactly what Dominik and Nura had envisioned. They both prepared themselves in the same room and Dominik had to step out once Nura had to change out into her wedding gown. He had never seen her in the gown before and we were thrilled to capture the Dominik's raw reactions upon seeing Nura slowly walking towards him. She was absolutely gorgeous and pulled off the gown splendidly.

The dinner was held at Spruce and what a jubilant celebration it was. The guests were enjoying the silat performance greatly and the couple looked really good in the traditional outfits. Dominik and Nura, we wish you both an amazing journey in your new road of life as husband and wife! Have a blissful and happy life in Germany! Glückliche Frau, Glückliches Leben! :D

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