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Jonathan + Yiqing [Edited Highlights]

There are countless reasons why we love this couple to bits. We have reached a point where we are so comfortable around them that we can simply talk about anything and everything else. Even gossips haha. :P

Without a doubt one of the most chill and fuss free couple ever. There is no gatecrashing right from the start in the morning, or the kind of grand entrance from the groom that everyone would expect. Heck! Not a single bridesmaid or groomsman either at their homes. Just Jonathan entering her room, squeezing Yiqing tightly and off they went to church! :P

We had ran out of superlatives to describe them. There were so many moments during the ceremony that we chuckled when either Jonathan and Yiqing did something that was very 'them'. How often do you see a bride singing along her march in song while marching down the aisle haha. :D

It is truly a pleasure to craft, tell and share their story with everyone attending their wedding. It has been an amazing journey. They are very real people, and there is never a moment when we felt like strangers around them. Now that their wedding is over, we do feel a tad bittersweet as we will never know if we will ever meet anyone like them again.

Jonathan and Yiqing, congratulations on marrying your best friend. Your bond for each other is a source of inspiration. We had so much fun capturing all the funny and quirky bits throughout the day and sincerely hope our friendships continue to blossom. We have specially chosen the song, 'Ocean' by Andreas Moe. It is especially apt that Jonathan is a frogman and he proposed to Yiqing on a boat (Watch this other video and you will know what we mean - We wish you both the very best with your guinea pigs, Stevie, & the shy one :p (hehe), live well, love much and continue to laugh often. :)

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