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A Prewed Moment

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Nigel + Edith [A Prewed Moment // You'll Never Walk Alone]

What's the best way to tell a couple's story? Friends of course. We had lots of joy filming this Pre-Wedding video for Nigel and Edith. First Step - Set up the camera. Second Step - Ask the questions. Final Step - Laugh at the answers. Through the interviews, we got to know interesting trivia about the couple and some of the deliveries were simply hilarious. Manchester United? :P

Nigel and Edith is a special couple who treasures the little things. They speak to each other frequently in 'Pig Latin', worked together in a Pizza company and even do time capsules together.

Nigel and Edith, your journey together may be long. But so long as you have one another, you'll never walk alone. :)

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