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A Prewed Moment

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Stanley + Mandy [A Prewed Moment // Bo Lo Bao Love]

Hong Kong is well-known for being a hustle and bustle city which also is one of its attractive features. There are always people everywhere be it in the break of dawn - or during the wee hours of night. We filmed this Pre-Wedding for Stanley and Mandy while taking a vacation there. They are both locals and know corner of the streets. Thus, we suggested going somewhere that is 'not so representative of Hong Kong' and a place that is not so densely populated as well. In fact, most people may not know that three-quarters of its 1,104 square kilometres of land is actually rural and nearly pristine. :)

The couple were very understanding and welcoming with our suggestions. We had to change our plans at the last minute because of typhoon alerts but yet they were patient enough to scout for other options. They brought us to 2 different spots that are popular with hikers and kite-flyers. We were amazed at how different it looks and fell in love with the tranquil features and landscapes, which was very peaceful and isolated from the city life.

Apart from the filming, we had so much fun riding bikes, hiking and just chit-chatting at every chance we had with our limited but functional Cantonese. It felt like a holiday all over again. We look forward to catching the both of you when we are back in Hong Kong the next time! :D

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