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A Prewed Moment

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Norman + Stephanie [A Prewed Moment // From Paris with Love]

Norman and Stephanie first met in university, fell in love and finally tied the knot after years of courtship together. In Norman's words, "She was the most beautiful sight that I have ever seen". To declare his most sincere affection and love for her, he did the improbable and the most drastic action you can ever imagine. He swam across the Singapore River from one bank to the other side, shouted and asked her to be his girlfriend. He has indeed set the bar really high for all the guys out there.

We were so excited to be on board with One Eye Click to Paris with the couple for their Pre-Wedding shoot. It will be easy to simply focus on getting fancy shots and showcasing the beautiful architectures and landscapes in Paris. But we wanted something more. Something that would add more depth to their story. So we suggested that they should exchange letters to each, not revealing the details and filmed the whole letter reading with both the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre as their individual backdrops. We felt that it was important to share their emotions with each other in one of the most romantic cities in the world. :)

Our main objective was to share their stories with their proposal as the central point since it took place right at the fabled lock bridge. We really appreciated how accommodating they both are and in trusting us so much to give us free reins in the direction of the entire video. It was certainly not easy filming in the cold most of the time but there was not a single word of complain or unrest from either of them. We love them to bits for that.

We are really ecstatic and proud to share their story with the attending guests or anyone who takes time to watch this video. Thank you sooo much Norman and Stephanie for your great friendship. We are grateful to have known you both and getting to know more about you during the days we spent together. May your relationship continue to flourish and never short of magic and endless surprises! :D

Photographer // One Eye Click

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