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A Prewed Moment

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Kenneth + Ling [A Prewed Moment // Mika & Me]

Kenneth and Ling were both based overseas in their earlier years and finally back in Singapore for good. As they will be holding their wedding ceremony in Bali, they approached us with a Pre-wedding video concept in mind. :)

Many of their good friends were unable to do the interviews with us as they are all based overseas. But they are also the same group of people who know their relationship better than anyone. Who better than them to share Kenneth & Ling's details with the guests right?! Kudos to Kenneth and Ling. They came up with several questions about themselves and emailed them along with specific filming instructions to their friends, which made our editing process so much easier and smoother. Two thumbs up to their efficiency.

We always enjoy working with pets in pre-wedding shoots. We had so much fun shooting Mika, the super adorable white fluffy dog that you see in the video. She is very well-mannered and you could tell how close they were together in the last few shots.

Our dear friends, Kenneth and Ling. Thanks so much for choosing us, we are truly honoured to share your story with everyone. With much love from the whole Rekord Haus Team! :D

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