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A Prewed Moment

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Kenneth + Jeanne [A Prewed Moment // Do you have white pearls?]

We only met Kenneth and Jeanne 1 month before their wedding to discuss their pre-wedding ideas. They were a little quiet and shy at first. The kind of couples that take awhile to warm up to. And once they did, you can talk about anything with them under the sun. We had so much fun hanging out with them during the shoot. :)

There were several moments in their courtship that cracked us up. Kenneth, who was working on a bubble tea project and tried selling some to Jeanne. Unfortunately, she only drinks bubble tea with white pearls and so she did not get any from him - leading his first attempt in trying to "speak" to her a sort of 'fail'. :p

Kenneth is also a HUGE popcorn fan. They went on a movie date once and Jeanne accidentally tripped while holding the popcorn. Kenneth's first reaction was, "Is the popcorn okay?". We had a hard time deciding on the scenes to film.

Kenneth and Jeanne, we are so lucky to have formed this friendship with you in the short span of time working on this project together. We are really excited to know of the positive responses from your guests. You guys are made for each other. May you both be the white pearls + popcorn for each other in the many years to come! :D

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