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A Prewed Moment

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Guo Quan + Kelly [A Prewed Moment // Keeping Scores]

Guo Quan and Kelly is a couple with many stories to tell. They told us about the many different quirks that happened in their many years of relationship and we love every single one of it.

Which is why this Pre-Wedding cannot be done in a orthodox way due to the no. of scenes we have to film. We spent 3 days filming all the scenes and we always broke into laughters after each scene. They are always accommodating to our requests and trusted us with our suggestions, which made them such a wonderful couple to film. :)

They also shared with us about their volunteering works and we were fortunate to witness first hand the amount of efforts and time put into it. It was certainly not as simple as it seems as there were a lot of conditions and planning involve to make sure each delivery counts.

Guo Quan and Kelly, thanks sooo much for making it such a wonderful experience for us. We hope you both feel the same way too. Guo Quan, do remember you will still 'get hurt' from time to time and be the super patient and understanding guy like you always do. As for Kelly, we love your bubbly and endearing personality to bits! May the years ahead be filled with lasting joy and never ending quirks! :P

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