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A Prewed Moment

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Kenny + Joyce [A Prewed Moment + Same Day Edit] // The Windsurfing Lovers]

Why do we call them the windsurfing lovers? The answer is simple. They first met during windsurfing, getting to know each other more through frequent windsurfing trips together and even had a surfboard mounted on their bridal car during their wedding day. Their dedication and commitment they have for the sport truly reflects the same form of love they have for each other. :)

We were absolutely in awe watching first hand the true craft of windsurfing. It is really not as simple as standing on a surfboard and just "following/catching the wind." It requires a lot of focus and dedication to the sport and we could really sense their enthusiasm and excitement as they shared with us their story and how windsurfing helped to shape their relationship. Through our conversations, windsurfing is about precision control, strong dynamics and techniques which made it such a difficult sport, and also important ingredients for a perfect relationship.

Kenny and Joyce, you both are a match made in heaven. You guys are super awesome people and we appreciate your friendliness and kindness greatly. Couples who train together, stay together. May windsurfing continues to bring you both endless joy and huge happiness. Stay cool and to more wonderful journeys ahead! :D

Photographer // Vanessa from Visual Artisans

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