The College of Social Work

Establishing an appropriate visual and verbal tone of voice was a key issue in developing this six-month online communications campaign for The College of Social Work. Social worker characteristics and The College’s services had to be conveyed with clarity and humanity. Simple themes expressed through kinetic typography and contrasting animated illustrations were supported with voice-overs providing authentic detail and substance.

Before The College’s launch, members were encouraged to join a discussion: ‘What makes a good social worker?’ via ten short films characterising key social worker virtues. After launch, nine further films focused on The College’s services in a similar way. Posted weekly on the College website, the films were augmented by expert blog posts expanding on each theme, adding further depth. Supporting print materials and YouTube, Facebook & Twitter activity all widened the discussion, driving interest and membership enquiry to The College’s website.

  1. Compassion

  2. Intelligence

  3. Focus

  4. Knowledge

  5. Observation

  6. Reflection