One Red Pill - Desenberg Vows to Arrest Zuckerberg and the Google Boys

Desenberg Vows to Arrest Zuckerberg and the Google Boys
One Red Pill -THE TRUTH: The Software the runs the Internet and the World Economy
Google partners with US Govt to confiscate programmer's computer. Google partners with Local police to plant drugs on programmer who flees country temporarily United Nations contacted about the felony copyright infringement of Google and Facebook.

One Step Ahead Of The Hit Man - The First Show

Rojay Marx Dray, the worlds foremost Internet Architect is experiencing difficult times
in creating the most powerful ecommerce system in the world.

Silicon Valley Internet investors turn their backs on him and the economy hits rock bottom, as his patent finally issues, after he fires his criminal attorneys who work against Rojay.

Rojay can now control the single hottest ecommerce system in the world that generates over $20 million per day.

Rojay vows to arrest Zuckerberg and the Google boys after a Supreme Court decision gives him rights to arrest anyone running his software, the Lead Option Engine© without a license. AdWords is an illegal copy of the Lead Option Engine©, and since the Supreme Court decision, there is probably cause to arrest anyone who infringes on his copyrighted software, which is a felony crime.

While doing stand up comedy, Rojay realizes something new and he turns to Gd looking for answers. Rojay finds prophecies about computer technology in books written 3000 years ago. A new answer may be on the way.

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