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Pause Fest 2011 - Various Artists - Radium Audio

Pause Fest Opening Titles 2011 - Breeder

Client: Pause Fest, Australia
Visual Production: Studio Breeder, Australia
Music & Sound, Radium Audio
Creative Vision & Direction: Andrew Diey
Musicians: Ipman, Josephine Lloyd, Karin Höghielm, Tim Manning, Peter Malmqvist
Sound Design: Studio Irad Lee, Peter Malmqvist

Visual: BREEDER, Australia

Director: Joyce Ho
Producer: Megan Griffiths
DOPs: Timothy Lovett and Chris Morris
RED Operator: Peter Wright
Editing and Colour Grading: Joyce Ho, Timothy Lovett and Chris Morris
Compositor: Chris Morris
Props and Set Design: Megan Griffiths and Joyce Ho
Scientific Consultant: Will Johnston
Special Thanks: Queensland University of Technology
01: Pause Fest Opening Titles:
02: Pause Fest Ian Clemmer:
03: Pause Fest
04: Pause Fest Murat
05: Pause Fest
06: Pause Fest
07: Pause Fest
08: Pause Fest Jimmy from
09: Pause Fest Hi
10: Radium Audio - Pause Fest
11: Radium Audio Presents - 70Min Pause Mix:

Watch 23 Min Film on the Making of Music & Sound for Pause Fest

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