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PyData NYC 2012

Videos from all the great talks, tutorials, and panels at PyData NYC 2012 ( If you enjoy these, be sure to follow @PyDataConf and sign up for the next PyData conference, which is being held in March in Santa Clara, CA (same time and place as PyCon 2013):

Blaze - Stephen Diehl

Blaze is a next-generation NumPy sponsored by Continuum Analytics. It is designed as a foundational set of abstractions on which to build out-of-core and distributed algorithms. Blaze generalizes many of the ideas found in popular PyData projects such as Numpy, Pandas, and Theano into one generalized data-structure. Together with a powerful array-oriented virtual machine and run-time, Blaze will be capable of performing efficient linear algebra and indexing operations on top of a wide variety of data backends.

This talk was presented at PyData NYC 2012: If you are interested in this topic, be sure to check out PyData Silicon Valley in March of 2013:

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