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pTools Virtual Conference 2020

Identity & Risk: Financial Services in a Time of Transformation & Uncertainty.
Virtual Conference 22nd October 2020

  1. SESSION TWO – “The role of Banks in the LEI Project: How ISIN, LEI and Announcements maintain and guarantee transparency."

    Panel discussion with; Clare Rowley, Ioanna Stanegloudi, Elena Ulyanova & Francis Gross.

  2. SESSION THREE - "Blockchain Backbone - How will distributed ledger technology transform market data and services."

    Panel discussion with; Monica Singer, Stephanie Dossou & Tomas Carruthers.

  3. SESSION FOUR - "Identity and Green Finance - How identification and transparency is essential for ESG"

    Panel discussion with; Kevin Bourne, Mark Scully, Mike Byrne & Reto Gruenenfelder.

  4. AMERICAS KEYNOTE: Allan Grody - "US Global Data Implementation – Progress, Problems and New Approaches”

    Keynote speech from Allan Grody, President of Financial Intergroup.

  5. SESSION FIVE- "Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing and Automated Regulation"

    Panel discussion with; Allan Grody, Joe Gavin, Aron Chazen, David Hannan.

  6. CLOSING REMARKS- pTools Virtual Conference 2020 Summary

    Closing remarks with Clare Rowley, Constantin Gurdgiev, Jeff Braswell & Allan Grody.