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Optical Anti-Aliasing for the Canon 5Dmk2 & 7D

This is a collection of videos that demonstrate the use and effectiveness of the Mosaic Engineering VAF-5D2 Optical Anti-Aliasing filter for the Canon 5D mk2 and the VAF-7D for the Canon 7D camera.

Note that some original Canon camera files and 1920x1080 H.264 versions of various test videos are available for download and evaluation at:

Initial Test of Mosaic Engineering's Anti-Aliasing Filter for the Canon 7D

This video is the first test of Mosaic Engineering's optical anti-aliasing filter assembly for the Canon 7D. This new dual-layer filter, custom designed by Dr. David Cubanski, is only 1mm thick. (Note: please download the original 1080P version for evaluation purposes.)

The video includes resolution chart footage with and without the filter. The third resolution chart shows the new optical filter with 20% sharpening added in FCP7 using the basic sharpening filter. (Whenever a HDSLR image is free from aliasing artifacts, post-production sharpening can be added to enhance the image by increasing high frequency details. Adding a small amount of post-production sharpening is also common with Canon's 5D Mk3.)

The second test shows moiré pattern interference caused by the fine nylon fabric of a lens pouch. It was photographed with and without the filter.

The final example on this video is a wide angle shot of a detailed brick wall, photographed with a Canon 16-35mm F2.8L lens, zoomed out at 16mm. This yields an image that's sharp from edge to edge and free of both aliasing artifacts and moiré pattern interference.

With the new optical filter installed inside the camera, the test charts reveal 700 lines of horizontal resolution.

Mosaic's website is:

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