Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, Oral History Project: Lefty's First Show

These videos tell the oral history of CAMH through the personal narratives of women who became involved with the Museum early in its history and helped set the tone for its ambitions today.

In this video, Nancy Allen and Marilyn Oshman discuss former CAMH director Lefty Adler's first show, the challenges of conceptual art, and forging new frontiers.

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Production Company: Proud Pony International
Producer: Jarrod Gullett
Directors of Photography: Raul Casares and Richard Lacy
Editor/Motion Graphics: Travis Johns
Music: "Juggernaut", by MUSIQA: musiqahouston.org
Published by Skitter Music Publications
Alto Saxophone: Valerie Vidal
Piano: Scott Holshouser

All artwork shown is part of the exhibition "The Deconstructive Impulse: Women Artists Reconfigure the Signs of Power, 1973-1991" organized by the Neuberger Museum of Art. Images are copyright of the artist.

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