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Prophet Kent Simpson - Prophetic Ministries Today - Pray, Hear & Obey! - It's the Christian way.

It is my deepest desire to help you find your destiny with God in this lifetime. There is a profound purpose for you being created and it is not just to work yourself to death, and hopefully retire, then die. There is so much more to your existence than you will ever know; if you do not know why you are here and where you are going. Oh yes, you can make your plans and have your dreams but if they do not line up with your predestined purpose you will miss out the abundant life you were promised.

I am here to help you find the gateway to God’s purpose for your life. There are many obstacles in life and not all of them are to hinder you, a few are designed to detour you from the path you are presently on; for HE has something much better for you. This is just the beginning of knowing the signs that help direct you.

We are created into 3 parts; the first is the BODY which we all have no problem defining; the second part of our being is the SOUL or better known as our mind, will and emotions, i.e. personality; now the third part is the least used or even acknowledged by most; however it is the most important part of overall makeup, our SPIRIT. This is the creative part of our being and where all things new exist. Our SPIRIT is where we can obtain all the answers we need in order to be successful in life, marriage, business, relationships and raising children. Once you find yourself moving into the realm of the spirit world you will discover all kinds of new things. Having the ability to see around the corner of tomorrow truly gives you the edge on the rest of the crowd. When you are ready to start the journey I will be here waiting to help you turn the proverbial page opening a whole new chapter to your life.

Kent Simpson, Apostolic Prophet


Jesus said; “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father" (John 14:12). So what is the problem; blog here>>>



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