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Take advantage of having a top men's speaker's message and build a men's event around it. Gather the men of your church or Men's Group together to watch the message, and conclude with discussion questions.

Living Your Best Life - Ants Puki

Ants is an inspiring man of faith. In this interview he shares with us a message of hope, encouraging us to move forward in faith towards the future that God has for us.

Ants works in the prisons, where he leads a team of people. He’s an elder at his local church and leads a men’s group. He and his wife have three daughters. He also serves on the PK Board.

The words we speak over people have power. Many of us have had negative words spoken over them. Ants tells of a teacher who told him that he was useless. But Ants had a foundation of love, so he pushed past those negative words and got his trade as a woodwork joiner. Today he often uses those carpentry skills to help others.

Ants' message is a stirring reminder of how powerful it is when we serve God and demonstrate His love to those around us.

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