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PK Men's Breakfast Speakers

Take advantage of having a top men's speaker's message and build a men's event or breakfast around it. Gather the men of your church or Men's Group together to watch the message, and conclude with discussion questions.

The Incredible Power of Words with Richard Brunton

The Incredible Power of Words with guest speaker Richard Brunton, author of The Awesome Power of Blessing. The powerful concepts contained in this book have led to the runaway success of it with more than 3.5 million copies in print!

“Our words contain tremendous power – either positive and constructive, or negative and destructive,” says Richard Brunton.

When we speak positive words that bring life and blessing, it can have a tremendous effect on ourselves, our family and those around us. Richard has found this to be remarkably true in his life. He will share how spoken words of blessing have changed his life and the lives of others.

Something that has had incredible impact is the father’s blessing which Richard shares with us.

At this PK men's breakfast, Richard is interviewed by Andrew Urquhart who talks with Richard about issues of fatherlessness and dealing with negative self-talk.

(This message was given at a PK livestream event April 2021. For more info see