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PK Men's Online Events

Take advantage of having a top men's speaker's message and build a men's event around it. Gather the men of your church or Men's Group together to watch the message, and conclude with discussion questions.

How to Live a Vibrant Christian Life with Len Buttner

Do you want to live a vibrant Christian life? Brotherhood is important because as we develop our relationship with God and one another, together we flourish!

David and Jonathan, Paul and Barnabas, Paul and Timothy, were better for having each other. Together we can rise to our full potential.

Len says, “I think many of us are only living at 30-40% of our potential. God has more for us. I want to help us see this and develop our potential.”

It’s our hunger for God that propels us to pray, read scripture and spend time with one another.

Join us as we gain valuable insights from Len Buttner as he shares How to Live a Vibrant Christian Life.

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