WholeVine Theater

We source our ingredients from prime coastal vineyards across California's wine country. What's left after winemakers extract the juice, we then use to craft vineyard-fresh, nutritious products: grape skin and seed flour, culinary oil, wheat crackers, and gluten-free cookies...with more of nature's goodness to come!


Rebecca Lipson, PhD

More thoughts from the lab team at WholeVine and SonomaCeuticals, this time Rebecca Lipson. Her fulltime gig is to find ways to efficiently harvest more value from the components of grapevines that used to be left behind to fill compost piles. Eventually even the stems and leaves will be "upcycled" just as seeds and skins are now, effectively eliminating the need to toss away any growth that is removed from the vineyard each year. For now, we learn about the color components that will very soon be marketed as a healthy alternative to food dyes, replacing those chemical laden additives with nutritional and pure colorants unlike any seen before.