WholeVine Theater

We source our ingredients from prime coastal vineyards across California's wine country. What's left after winemakers extract the juice, we then use to craft vineyard-fresh, nutritious products: grape skin and seed flour, culinary oil, wheat crackers, and gluten-free cookies...with more of nature's goodness to come!


Chef Justin Wangler

A chef's perspective on the innovative new product line up from WholeVine (Sonoma County) that is changing how people view the business of fine wine vineyards, using the products of the vines to create additional revenue streams where, in the past, the same "produce" and growth were simply discarded or composted. At last, all those once-lost high nutrition, taste and texture nuances are being harvested -- something fresh and exciting for any chef to explore in the kitchen and for foodies everywhere to enjoy at the table.