White Privilege: Let's Talk

Join Rev. John Dorhauer, Rev. Traci Blackmon and other national cross-denominatonal leaders in this webinar series on white privilege. They will lead us through four areas of focus: telling the story of your spiritual journey through the lens of race; looking at the dynamic of a culture in which whiteness is the established norm; learning how American attaches a cash value to whiteness; and inviting the participants to commit to becoming an ally in the pursuit of racial equity:

Day 1: The Big Picture – with John Dorhauer
Day 2: Spiritual Autobiography through the Lens of Race – with John Paddock
Day 3: Whiteness as the Norm – with Da Vita D. McCallister
Day 4: Whiteness as Cash Value – with Traci Blackmon
Day 5: On Being an Ally – with Stephen Ray

This series webinar series will offer a solid foundation, while also serving as a preview for the United Church of Christ adult education curriculum of the same name due for release in September. The curriculum is part of the United Church of Christ’s ongoing commitment to engaging communities of faith in Sacred Conversations on Race. It promises to provide faith communities with an opportunity to have safe, meaningful, substantive, and bold conversation not just on race – but on a much neglected part of that conversation: white privilege.

A Brief Overview with Rev. Day McCallister

Listen in as Rev. Day McCallister explains the curriculum, its structure, and how congregations might choose to engage.