LA8201 ANYWHERE|NOWHERE: Duwamish Site Visit 2012

LA 8201 Everywhere Nowhere: Duwamish
Landscape Architecture Graduate Studio
University of Minnesota College of Design

During the fall semester 2012, students of the LA8201 studio are studying paradigm change and future scenarios for the Lower Duwamish Waterway in Seattle, WA. During the week of October 8th, 21 graduate students traveled to Seattle to visit the project site and to listen to various community stakeholders so as to broaden their understanding of the complex issues surrounding the valley.

As part of the trip, students were required to document the emotive ephemeral and visceral qualities of the site/city and to produce a video describing their "findings".

2012 Students:
Stefano Ascari
Kevin Belair
Elissa Brown
Nate Bond
Ryan Coates
Stephanie Erwin
Solange Guillaume
Amber Hill
Montana Harinsuit
Stephen Himmerich
Erin Garnaas Holmes
David Kerber
Matthew Kessler
David Kowen
Jeffrey Olson
Emily Osthus
Alex Pratt
Michael Richardson
Ryan Ruttger
Michael Schiebe
Shuya Zhang

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