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da Monsta

It's Alive....

  1. A Quiver Exposé

    Different boards for different waves; Read the subtitles to see what Rozsa rides in Cali & Hawaii's variety.

  2. Hydrodynamics of an Everyday Board | Part 1

    In this episode of the American Surfboard Factory, take a look into the world of hydrodynamics; the concepts behind what makes a versatile everyday performance board tick . . . and see what it means for you. Proctor dissects his arsenal of one board quivers known as the Monsta series. Nick Rozsa articulates in a demonstration that inspires.

  3. MonstaRozsa

    Nick Rozsa Monsta medley.
    Custom 5'8" x 19 1/4" x 2 5/16" Monsta v.2 shaped by Todd Proctor.
    footage courtesy: Chris Papaleo
    artist: The Boom Bang
    track: Bozmonaut

    Read surfer feedback on da Monsta here:

  4. Forever Grom Explains da Monsta

    Ricky Schaffer tells why Da Monsta has put "fresh wind and fresh fire" into his surfing.

  5. Monsta Carver . . . the ultimate surfing crosstrainer

    Forever Grom Ricky Schaffer illustrates how this board will help you to surf better than you’ve ever surfed in your life. A real-deal crosstrainer to shred the pavement between surf sessions….so the next time you have the perfect section bowling up in front of you, you’ll blast it like a walk in the park.

  6. Monsta: Shaper Breakdown Part 1

    Todd gets down to the gnitty gritty on da Monsta. Fulcrum shifts, Pavote caves, and other nugs & deets.

    footage courtesy: Brian Brantley

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