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  1. Lil' Rascal

    This squatty firebrand has all the speed of a retro-style shape, but with the holding power of a modern board. Using a bulby outline with a flatter rocker, full boxy rails, and new generation hull contours; it loves to rocket on 2 foot gutless days when most people are running for their longboards. This design has better traction than your typical retro-style speeders. Should be ridden 5” inches shorter and 1” wider than your standard shortboard. This is the fastest, funnest board I make for those of you who find yourselves surfing in small, weak, mushy, slopey, sectiony pointbreak waves ala 1st point Malibu, Leo Carrillo, Churches, etc… You don’t have to ride a longboard on those days anymore

    Check out the Rascal Movie to see how the Lil’ Rascal will have you flying past the longboarders at your favorite spot.

  2. Mendia at Chicama . . . Boards for the Journey

    Pete Mendia surfing the longest left in the world. Boards explained for everything from 2 foot to overhead.

  3. Apache Shaper Breakdown: Todd & Jarrah

    Todd & Jarrah discuss the performance & design features of the Apache shortboard.

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