Principa's Practice Development Workshop

Ric Payne, your Program Leader, has prepared a video prospectus for our Practice Development Workshop.

The Workshop is actually a four month process that involves an intensive two day workshop (virtual or live). The objective of the workshop is to help you create a strategic plan designed to transform your practice into the firm you want over the next three years. You may want to triple your income over the next 3 years; or you may want to increase the number of quality clients your serve; or you may want to reduce your work load but not your income; or you may want to prepare your firm for sale within 3 years; or you might want to attract and retain higher quality team members; or you might want to position yourself as a better alternative to “bigger guys” in town; or you might just want to enjoy your work more.

This is not a quick fix program and we do not pretend that there are shortcuts, but whatever you set as your goal we can help you achieve it in an orderly and focused manner. You’ll create your own unique strategic plan that will draw on 89 initiatives we know will help transform your firm and your life if you’re willing to join us in this process.

This video prospectus outlines the process in more detail and serves as a useful introduction to the powerful strategic planning protocol we use and which has been time-tested.

We'll be joining forces with CPA Canada to bring you our next 2 workshops, they are:

September 22-24, 2014
Niagara Falls Marriott Fallsview Hotel & Spa, Niagara Falls, ON - Registration Open Now

January 14-16, 2015
Simon Fraser University (Harbour Centre), Vancouver, BC - Registration Coming Soon

Learn more & register at:

Video Prospectus

Ric Payne, your Challenge Leader, has prepared a video prospectus for our upcoming Practice Development Challenge which includes an optional 2-day off-site planning retreat at no additional charge.

The Challenge is a four month planning process at the end of which you will have a strategic plan to set the course of your firm for the next three years. The process starts as soon as you register and the planning retreat is just a part of that process. Set aside the following dates if you wish to attend the retreat at no additional cost:

Sydney, Australia – July 12–13
Lake Tahoe, California USA – July 23-24
Binley, Coventry UK – September 25-26

Click on the link below to register for the process in the country of your choice.

Australian Challenge -
North American Challenge -
UK Challenge -

If you have any further questions please email us at