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Natural Complexity: A Modeling Handbook

This portfolio contains animations for Natural Complexity: A Modeling Handbook by Paul Charbonneau

This book provides a short, hands-on introduction to the science of complexity using simple computational models of natural complex systems—with models and exercises drawn from physics, chemistry, geology, and biology. By working through the models and engaging in additional computational explorations suggested at the end of each chapter, readers very quickly develop an understanding of how complex structures and behaviors can emerge in natural phenomena as diverse as avalanches, forest fires, earthquakes, chemical reactions, animal flocks, and epidemic diseases.

Figure 6.2 - Natural Complexity: A Modeling Handbook - Paul Charbonneau

Chapter 6: Forest Fires

These are two animations of the forest fire model on a 100X100 lattice, both in their statistically stationary state. Live trees are in green, burning trees in red.

This animation uses the same parameter values as on Figure 6.2.