When Pride of Australia was launched in 2005 the aim was simple – to unearth and celebrate Australia's unsung heroes. Seven years on our aim is true.

"These awards bring to light wonderful stories of Australians who do selfless, brave and truly inspiring things for others," says News Limited chief executive Kim Williams. "They remind us once again of the truly heroic things our fellow citizens do and reaffirm pride in the good things that our country and our people do each and every day."

All of us know someone who deserves such recognition. It might be your work mate, a neighbour, your child's teacher or a member of our emergency services - a special someone who makes you proud because they give so much to others and never ask for anything in return.

You know who they are and we encourage you to celebrate their generosity of spirit and selflessness by nominating them today for a Pride of Australia Medal.

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