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LifeNet (dance)

A Safe Performance in the Hands of the Audience
(complete documentation 11minutes)

post theater captures Rudolf von Laban’s thought on dance with a peculiar „machine“.
A white jumping sheet (life net) is held by the audience of 12 persons exactly. It shows a video projection that is projected from above. Will this haptic video tans-form itself into a performer? Who is dancing here with you, who for and guided by whom? Legendary choreographer and dance-thinker Rudolf von Laban (1879 - 1958) had an ambivalent relationship to the world of machinery. He described machines as “bad copies” of animals. In his first mass-choreography “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” (1900) he intended to negotiate the relationship between man and technology, but eventually failed to meet his own demands. Never the less the piece was the point of departure for his later famous genre of the “movement choir”.

post theater has been working on inventions between media art, technology, theater and contemporary dance for many years. “LifeNet” is a new creation that allows a new type of movement choir to form within seconds.

“LifeNet” is not about Laban or his relationship between dance and media technology. post theater’s intention is to explore to what degree the audience can become an essential part of the (dancing) art work, to its performers.
An audience of exactly 12 persons becomes (without prior notice) both stagehands and performers. They join in holding a round and highly flexible screen of 2 m diameter. They all wear wireless headphones. Via these headphones and through the graphic visuals the audience learns in the shortest time how to move with the screen through the performance space (which can be a public square etc. as well).

One run of „LifeNet“ is 12 minutes long - there can be 4 performance per hour.

Artistic direction: Hiroko Tanahashi, Max Schumacher
Video art: Hiroko Tanahashi
Choreography and dance for the video: Nina Kurzeja
Actor for the audio: Alexander Schröder
Sounddesign and music: Sibin Vassilev
Dramaturgy: Max Schumacher
Premiere: September 6th, 2013 at Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart (Germany) commissioned by and presented at TANZLOKAL - dance festival, Stuttgart.

TANZLOKAL – Tanzfest Stuttgart has been presented by Produktionszentrum Tanz und Performance e.V. in cooperation with TanzSzene Baden-Württemberg e.V.
TANZLOKAL – Tanzfest Stuttgart is a project by Tanzfonds Erbe, an initiative of the Federal Foundation for the Arts of Germany.
With support by Innovationsfonds Kunst of the Ministry of Research and Culture of the State of Baden-Württemberg.