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Satellites - Stuttgart Version Trailer (theater)

The exploration of space has been an area of competition for the two superpowers of the Cold War. Missions were part of propaganda and often included the satellite states as collaborators. In “Satellites” a Bulgarian cosmonaut and a West German astronaut are sent to the first international space station on a secret mission - right before the end of the Cold War period. The media performance explores the relationship between two people who are more than just representatives of their political systems.

“Satellites” has been created in different versions. The “Stuttgart Version” is the second theatrical version. An interactive performative installation, “Mission Varna” is also available for touring.
Premiere: FITZ - Zentrum für Figurentheater, Stuttgart (July 2017).

Artistic directors: Max Schumacher, Venelin Shurelov

Live performers and dramaturgy: Mareile Metzner, Patrick Khatami
Text and theatrical director: Max Schumacher
Video art: Yoann Trellu
Music and sound design: Sibin Vassilev
Costume design: Eliza Georgieva

Graphic design, video documentary: Hiroko Tanahashi
Press agent: k3berlin
Production management: Mario Stumpfe