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Satellites - "Mission Varna" (Interactive Installation)

A strange space station, lost in space. One astronaut and one cosmonaut have been abandoned on it, almost 30 years ago. It seems that their mission had to do with the Cold War. Two members of the audience are invited to explore this flying monument in orbit. So they get dressed in space-suits and equipped with wireless headphones…

Premiere: International Theater Festival Varna, Bulgaria (June 2017).

Artistic directors of the installation: Max Schumacher, Venelin Shurelov
Text and director of the interactive installation: Max Schumacher
Video art: Yoann Trellu
Music and sound design: Sibin Vassilev
Voice actors: Mareile Metzner, Eray Egilmez, Patrick Khatami
Costume design: Eliza Georgieva
Production management: Mario Stumpfe