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Akademgorodok : Silicon Forest - Trailer (dance)

Dance, science and cities. And how an A.I. brings them all together

Science and technology are meant to improve the world.
But how and where do people conduct their research beset? In a metropolis or at a remote lab at the end of the world? In South-Siberia there is a science city called Akademgorodok since the late 50ies, a very successfull place with particle accelerators, fusion reactors, and, as of recently, Start-Ups and IT companies. What happens to a utopian dream of an ideal science city in the age of globalization - the era of migrating „high-potentials“ - the so called brain-drain? post theater set up an A.I., an artificial intelligence, that organizes the evening and asks contemporary dancers to feed input. The audience witnesses a special experiment that fuses worlds as diverse as the USSR, Silicon Valley and Science Fiction cities.
After „House of Hope“, a recent post theater piece on the crisis of housing in big cities, post theater again combines solid research (documentary theater) with utopian and dystopian visions. As always, media play a key role in this interdisciplinary performance work.

post theater invited Maria Pyatkova to join the artistic direction for this project, as Maria is a child of Akademgorodok and grew up as a daughter of scientists, studying molecular biology before she became a choreographer and dancer.

Dance/Performance: Luis Hergon, Mariko Koh, Patrick Khatami, Maria Pyatkova, Tata Ziegler
Sounddesign/Music: Sibin Vassilev
Media-Art: Yoann Trellu,
Architectural model/Installation: Michl Schmidt
Choreography: Maria Pyatkova
Artistic Direction:Maria Pyatkova, Hiroko Tanahashi, Max Schumacher
Production management: Mario Stumpfe / artkrise
Press agent: K3 Berlin

Funded by the Ministery for Research and Culture, State of Baden-Württemberg via LaFT BW and HOMEBASE scheme of Fonds Darstellende Künste, Federal Governement.
Kindly supported by
the Goethe Institut Novosibirsk, the Palermo-Galerie Stuttgart, Axel-Springer-Plug&Play and Accenture.