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Space Monkeys V.02 (dance)


Short Documentation (4minutes)

“Space Monkeys” is an interactive dance battle.
It is a live-game inspired by computer games that deal with popular dance such as “Dance Central” or “Just Dance”.
“Space Monkeys” serves as a performance. 36 participants perform for themselves and for a random outside audience when performed in a public place.

The following is a 4 minutes edited documentation of the opening run of “Space Monkeys” on October 18th, 2015 at Cineleisure Mall, Orchard Road, Singapore.

Artistic directors & text: Daniel Kok, Hiroko Tanahashi, Max Schumacher
Choreography & dance: Daniel Kok
Media design & camera: Hiroko Tanahashi, Yoann Trellu
Sound-design: Sibin Vassilev
Audio-Recording: Hugo Saldias
Production management: James Jordan Tay
Funded by: “Got to move” - an Initiative by the National Arts Council of Singapore
All rights reserved: post theater / Daniel Kok 2015