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Posterino Dance Company

This portfolio contains works of Gaetano Posterino for Posterino Dance Company in the past years.

"Through my Eyes" - Posterino Dance Company

This is the initial version for 4 dancers // Posterino Dance Company at Hessian State Theatre Wiesbaden // Choreography: Gaetano Posterino // Dancers: Franziska Angerer, Gaetano Posterino, Aya Sone, Lucas Teodoro // About: The piece deals with the fascination of the very own facets and the inherent nature of movements, facial expressions and gestures, with the treacherous, playful, unconscious, transparent, and the interest in the child that lies dormant in every human being and that can still express itself eloquently and precisely when one understands its language. In this contemporary dance theatre piece the dancers reflect these aspects through the eyes of the choreographer.



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