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Posterino Dance Company

This portfolio contains works of Gaetano Posterino for Posterino Dance Company in the past years.

"Zwischen Himmel und Dir" - Posterino Dance Company

Choreography by Gaetano Posterino about about closeness and distance... // Dancers: Lui Nagase, Annalisa Piccolo, Clara Plausteiner, Bernardo Ribeiro, Davide Troiani, Gabriel Wanka // About: The work is inspired by sociological and pychological approaches and negotiates the distance to oneself and to others. It is about the strangeness with oneself, one's body and the world that surrounds everyone in a different way. No one remains invisible. Everyone remains within their own boundaries. Or maybe not? Avant-garde, expressiv and highly-agile dance theatre with moments of humor and satire. // Pressreview: "Like a brilliant fireworks" -



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