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Matthias Deumlich -Videos /engl.

  1. Table Audio Drama

  2. Welcome in Absen_c_ity

    Sound Art Festival
    Akademie of the Arts
    Berlin, Germany


  3. Ringing Cups

    Made-up, handmade barcodes have each been allotted word, stamped into alluminium sheets. A control unit triggers the fifty cups, each fitted with an electric device which goes off at varying intervals. A brittle, clicking sound – structure, framed by pauses, is created.

  4. Puff - Awakeness

  5. On the Ear

    The mussels lie on white plates mini speaker inside the mussels are playing the modificated sound structure of the Installation „ Wecome in Absen/c/ity“. The visiters take the mussels on their ears and they hear a sound structur of transformed parts of different movie sounds. All protagonists are on theit way. You hear short clips of captain nemo, ahab and sience fiction other movies.....all of them force to places fare away.
    Some time the sound appears also on the glass panel which hangs inside the room. The soundspace of the musselsr enlarged inside the hole room.

  6. Particle Acelerator16-9