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Matthias Deumlich -Videos /engl.

  1. The flying Ships in Copenhagen 2012

  2. Bivouac

  3. The friable Flood in Vienna

    tonspur expanded – The Loudspeaker
    freiraum Quartier 21 international • Museumsquartier Vienna
    Austria, 2012
    The sound of a match being struck, slowed down by fifty percent, is the main sound in the installation. Matthias Deumlich uses the movement of the rubber loudspeaker membrane to transmit the wavelike noise to water. Now and then, the sound’s structure makes the water in the glass bell spray like a fountain. It reacts sensitively to every change in the slowed-down sound of the match.The sound generates the motion; motion modulates the sound. In a kind of two-dimensional long-distance sonic effect, the spraying water and the trails of the droplets are projected on the wall by the concentrated light. The exhibition: “the loudspeaker” curated by Georg Weckwerth showes works by Gary Hill, Rolf Julius, Janet Cardiff + Georg B. Miller, Gordon Monahan,Maurice van Telling

  4. Mountain Machine

    Corporate Art
    Interroll Holding
    Sant Antonino, Tessin, Schweiz

  5. Germansushimountainmachine

  6. Neon Shelf