Milan Podsedly CSC

Director of Photography


  1. Sonja Bata Corrected

  2. Demo Reel

  3. Songs of Freedom

    Documentary by Barbara Willis Sweete featuring Candian soprano Measha Brueggergosman

  4. Cra$h and Burn

    Selected Scenes
    TV Series - HD
    Whizbang Films / Showcase
    Producers: Frank Siracusa, Paul Gross

  5. Billy Bishop Goes To War

    Selected Scenes

    Feature - HD
    Strada Films
    Producers: Albert Schultz, Sandra Cunningham
    Director: Barbara Willis Sweete

  6. Nine Sketches of Dvorak

    Trailer for a Document about Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
    Produced by Czech Television with association of Rhombus Media International
    Director: Barbara Willis Sweete

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