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PlumbTalk Productions

Hi there!

It has always amazed us how expensive and cost prohibitive video services are. Here at PlumbTalk Productions we have found a method by which even the tightest budgets can produce quality video to elevate their businesses to the next level.

Customized packages are available upon request. We look forward to hearing from you!

The PlumbTalk Team

  1. SidePreneur360 Final

  2. Lifestyle Wealth Group

    Are you living on 27 cents? The PlumbTalk Team was honored to direct and produce this promotional video for Lifestyle Wealth Group founder Cheryl Fields. Amazing stage presence Cheryl Fields! Love your energy and your ambition...awesome!

  3. Dupuytren Disease Awareness Day

    Join Dr. Charles Eaton, founder of the Dupuytren's Research Group, in celebrating Dupuytren Disease Awareness Day April 1st! Help stop debilitating hand contractures by supporting necessary research.

  4. Kathy Peterson Inspired Boho Styled Workshop

  5. Good Enough?

    Grab a cup of coffee and join the PlumbTalk Team in one of their morning chats! Listen as Dr. Shelley Plumb discusses with the Team the concept of being "good enough." How we treat ourselves is important...

  6. FAST - Accountability

    We live in a FAST paced society...One where accountability is incredibly important. Listen as The Leaders' Leader Gordon Tredgold discusses the concept of blame in today's society. How does it impact our businesses? The answer may surprise you...

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