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Music of Remembrance

Music of Remembrance presents a community-wide free concert at the Eastvold Auditorium at Pacific Lutheran University. The concert launches the 2016 Powell-Heller Holocaust Conference on Women and the Holocaust.

The Music of Remembrance program complements the conference theme with a program of works that open a window into the emotional lives of women trapped in the web of Holocaust tragedy. The featured work, Another Sunrise (2012), by contemporary American composer Jake Heggie and librettist Gene Scheer, paints a powerful portrait of survival through the true story of one woman, Krystyna Zywulska. A resistance fighter, Auschwitz survivor, poet and lyricist, Zywulska wrote daring poems in Auschwitz that became anthems of defiance among her fellow prisoners. Soprano Sarah Davis portrays Zywulska in this one-woman musical drama directed by Erich Parce.

Directed by Mina Miller.

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