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Projection Design Portfolio, 2013

The ToyBox 2012

Using high-tech and low-tech ways to engage with art, technology and each other - mixing creativity, interactivity and the special sauce that is often missing: FUN. The ToyBox is a customizable, immersive event and can be used as a place to create theatre, play, train, engage and also throw a great party.

Using Dataton’s Watchout projection control software as the main brain, The ToyBox explodes the traditional use of the software, pushing it’s interactivity beyond what was intended by the developers. The result was a reactive and ever changing environment. The interfaces used in the original installations were tactile VJ button/knob MIDI controllers, as well as lighting submaster wings, and joy stick like interfaces for the moving cameras. These innovations were acknowledged by the Canadian Institute of Theatre Technology in awarding The ToyBox with the 2011 Award of Technical Merit.