Playground Media Productions

Playground Media Productions Ltd. is an independent, fully owner-operated high-end film production
company located in Zurich, Switzerland. We concentrate on corporate and commercial productions
as well as documentaries and films for the tourism industry.
Playground is a member of the International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers and Swissfilm Association.
For information please call +4144 380 27 00 or send a mail to:
Alternatively you may wish to connect to our website at
All videos ©Playground Media Productions Ltd.

  1. Val Müstair (Sommer)

  2. St. Petersinsel_02.mp4

  3. Water - Switzerland Tourism

  4. Stein am Rhein_02.mp4

  5. Viamala_1.pm4

  6. Rosenlaui

    Playground Media Productions



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