When a picture is worth 1000 words, and 280 characters can tell a whole story, our artists have mastered the art of short and rich visual storytelling. For 2 decades now, our animations have been winning the hearts of viewers and film critics all over the world. Now, we would like to share them with you. We’ve put together a special series of our animated shorts along with interesting stories about how they were made. In brief – it’s time for LONG STORY SHORTS!

Platige Originals | THE GREAT ESCAPE

Sunny is a mediocre guy who earns his living showing up in the weather forecast every day. Nothing much really, in other words he is part of the set. Day in day out for several years. One day he decides to break free from the humdrum reality. So the escape begins…

Writer and Director: Damian Nenow
Music and Sound Effects: Maciej Chomicz (Khyro Interactive)
Theater Mix: Tomasz Sikora
Production and Distribution: Platige Image
Production Assistant: Marta Staniszewska
Promoters: Tomek Bagiński, Marcin Kobylecki
Mentors: Henryk Ryszka, Stanisław Śliskowski