When a picture is worth 1000 words, and 280 characters can tell a whole story, our artists have mastered the art of short and rich visual storytelling. For 2 decades now, our animations have been winning the hearts of viewers and film critics all over the world. Now, we would like to share them with you. We’ve put together a special series of our animated shorts along with interesting stories about how they were made. In brief – it’s time for LONG STORY SHORTS!

FALLEN ART | Platige Originals

“The idea for “Fallen Art” came up during the final stages of production of “The Cathedral”. It was supposed to be a story about the military, filled with dark humor and a touch of hidden meanings. Writing the screenplay, the military
theme seemed innocent enough. Sort of a light satire with delicate controversy… Now the film will probably be received much more seriously. I chose a particular technique, where months go by from simple brainstorming sessions to the grand finale” – adds Tomek.

Writer and Director: Tomek Bagiński
Producers: Jarek Sawko, Piotr Sikora, Tomek Bagiński
Executive Producer: Marcin Kobylecki
Project designer: Rafał Wojtunik
Animation: Grzegorz Jonkajtys, Łukasz Pazera, Zbigniew Lenard, Marcin Waśko, Arek Zawada
Artists: Wojtek Bagiński, Szymon Kaszuba, Krzysztof Kamrowski, Radosław Nowakowski, Piotr Tomczyk, Andrzej Sykut, Selim Sykut
Voices: Arkadiusz Jakubik, Marcin Kudełka, Dariusz Toczek
Sound Design: Kuba Pietrzak, Wojtek Mularczyk, Post Meridian Productions
Soundtrack produced by: Piotr Kokosiński, Post Meridian Productions