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Ashley & Bruce - Outdoor Seattle Wedding

The story of Ashley + Bruce first began in high school.  Bruce's mom told us that she knew that her son had found someone special at his new school when he started talking about his new friend Ashley.  These two have a lot in common, and one thing that stuck out to us was the fact that they were both student athletes (since Benjon is such a sports-geek) Ashley plays soccer and Bruce plays baseball.

Their relationship is built on friendship, trust and a growing love throughout the years. During the college years, Ash and Bruce showed that love can definitely last a long distance as they traveled their separate ways to opposite ends of the country during that time (Boston to Seattle).

The vision for the wedding day was described by the couple themselves as an "elegant family barbecue", the day was complete with lawn games, overlooking a shimmering country lake. It was a very intimate wedding and everyone had an awesome time. Especially us, because of the beautiful scenery and the overall vibe that we felt of joy and happiness throughout the entire day.

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