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Bicknell Center Presents: Performances

2022-2-13 PSU Opera Theatre Presents: Susanna's Secret (in English)


Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari's
IL SECRETO DI SUSANNA (Susanna's Secret) Performed in English

Sunday Afternoon Performance (this was performed twice, Friday and Sunday, both videos are posted)


Synopsis: Count Gil returns home suspecting that he has seen his wife, Susanna, walking alone in the street, something he had forbidden her to do after their wedding. He is relieved when he discovers that she is at home. However, it was the countess he had seen, but she returned home shortly before her husband.

Gil's happiness is short-lived. The room smells of tobacco, and he is surprised since he does not smoke, and neither does Susanna, nor the servant, Sante. Suddenly a horrible thought strikes him: is it possible that Susanna is unfaithful to him with a smoker?

To find out what happens next you will have to watch the performance!


This period piece reflects a society with different views than those of today. The script's content does not reflect an endorsement of the concepts performed by the University.

PSU is a tobacco-free campus and the cigarettes used are stage props, not lit, with no actual tobacco products used.



Count Gil: Xavier Moore

The Countess, Susanna: Theresa Fischer

Sante, their servant: Joseph Barnes

Piano accompaniment: Jung Hee Lee


Director: Patrick Howle
Rehearsal Pianist/Coach: Jung Hee Lee
Scenery: Linden Little
Costumes: Broadway Costumes
Program Art: Taylor Qualls

Stage and Broadcast Services:
PSU's Bicknell Family Center for the Arts Staff and Crew

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