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Navigating the choppy waters of documentary filmmaking armed only with a moral compass

  1. Felix Rising

    Felix takes us into the internet cafes of Nigeria, a world never filmed before, as he tries to get the internet scammers of Lagos to use their skills for legal gains.

  2. Listen To Bradford - extract

    Bradford, once Britain's richest town is now one of it's poorest, struggling to integrate its citizens

  3. The Art Of The DJ - trailer

    A one hour documentary for Sky Arts about the DJ Steve Lawler and the rise of the status of DJ in dance music culture.

  4. You Have Been Ladies Day At Royal Ascot - short film

    Royal Ascot's busiest day in their racing calendar.
    The aristocracy picnicking in 'car park number 1', the nouveau riche with their Waitrose hampers, high flying executives networking the restaurants, office boys on a company jolly, Essex girls in their hired hats - all of England is here for Ladies Day.