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Navigating the choppy waters of documentary filmmaking armed only with a moral compass

  1. On the Road - living and working on the Italian 'road of love'

    Hundreds of women operate as sex workers along the Strada Bonifica, the ironically named ‘road of love’ on the Adriatic coast of Italy. There has been a huge increase in the number of Nigerian women working along the 10-mile stretch of road – some of whom have been trafficked into the country and forced into prostitution. The film moves between the women’s stories, the Italians who live and work there and the local NGO, named On the Road, attempting to support the women

  2. Boys to Men

    This BAFTA nominated film shines a light three promising teens, striving to overcome the challenges and dangers of their environment.
    By the end of an intense week away from home, the boys will have gone to places and done things that they never imagined were possible. But as with their daily reality in London, they will be faced with disruptions and heartbreaking news that puts the challenge to better themselves, and escape the negative cycle, into perspective.

  3. The Lives I Lead

    The story of Jessica and her 6 alternate identities, which include a Hollywood actor, a doctor, a hairdresser, a 14-year-old school kid and a six year old boy.

  4. Future Soldier - short film

    With unique access to the Armed Forces Recruitment Centre in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, we follow two young recruits as they sign up and join the United States Army.

  5. First Person Shooter - feature doc teaser

    What happens if the skills gained through thousands of hours of playing video games are harnessed and used on a real battlefield?
    First Person Shooter weaves its way through the moral dilemmas of the US Army's most successful recruitment tool ever - a specially commissioned video game called America's Army and the real-world uses of gaming in modern warfare.

  6. High On Hope - feature doc trailer

    The documentary feature film a generation has been waiting for.
    Audience Award winner at Leeds International Film Festival and winner of Best International Film at In-Edit Barcelona.
    Seeking final funding to clear the music rights and release on DVD.