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Stacy Pearsall on The Veterans Project

After 2-time Military Photographer of the Year award winner and Bronze Star recipient Stacy Pearsall was injured in combat, she came home to receive care in V.A. hospitals. It was in these spaces that she started to document the incredible stories of the other veterans, beginning a new chapter of her life as well as "The Veterans Project," a project that is not only powerful and important to the public, but also personally healing.

Stacy Pearsall is the most decorated female war photographer of our time and an award-winning photojournalist. During her 12 years as a military photographer, she traveled to over 41 countries, shot over 500,000 photos, and endured over 24 medical procedures to repair combat wounds sustained in battle. Her work in Iraq earned her the Bronze Star medal and Commendation with Valor. Her work has appeared in various media outlets, including Time magazine, The New York Times, BBC, and USA Today; and has been featured in the Oscar-nominated PBS production, “Operation Homecoming.” For her courage and work she has appeared on numerous high-profile shows, including "The Oprah Winfrey Show." Pearsall been awarded the Carolinas Freedom Foundation Freedom Award, honored with the Daughters of the American Revolution Margaret Cochran Corbin Award, lauded by the White House as a Champion of Change, and holds an honorary doctoral degree from The Citadel. Pearsall has served as a nominating juror for the Pulitzer Prize and held a presidential-appointed board member position for the NPPA. She’s held a position on the advisory board of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at The Citadel since 2009.

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