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“Collaborative Storytelling In Art, Media, and Advocacy” with Graham MacIndoe and Susan Stellin


Featuring Grahan MacIndoe and Susan Stellin

Photoville 2021 Talks On-demand recordings are made possible in partnership with PhotoWings

Who gets to tell stories? How has access to storytelling opportunities changed? What ethical guidelines should be followed when photographing and interviewing people who may experience negative consequences from being featured in news stories, art projects, and advocacy campaigns? In this talk, photographer Graham MacIndoe and writer Susan Stellin discuss their 2021 Photoville exhibition as well as other personal and professional work. They delve into what they’ve learned collaborating with each other—as well as participants—on projects addressing complex topics and stigmatized groups. They’ll also share how their creative and professional approach changed after telling their own story about Graham’s addiction, incarceration, and deportation fight. In an era where stories and photos live online forever—and can be easily found and amplified through social networks—what is common practice, what is legal, and what is ethical deserves more conversation and debate.

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