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Blue Earth Alliance

The New Media Frontier: NPOs, NGOs & Government Agencies - Collaborations for Cause 2012

A dynamic presentation by content strategist and visual storyteller Russell Sparkman on how dramatically and drastically the media landscape has changed. He will provide an important snapshot of where we are today, why everything we’ve always known about communications has changed, and why it will never be the same.

Simply put, new media outlets for storytelling are going to be increasingly corporate, including non-profits, NGOs, and government agencies. For NPOs, they need to understand their emerging roles, responsibilities and obligations.

For the content creators, they have to accept that traditional media such the New York Times are not the only media outlets, and have to learn to deal with the fact that their documentary storytelling is going to be increasingly funded, owned and distributed by non-traditional “media.”

Out of this disruption in the media landscape, there has emerged opportunities that exist at the intersection of two accepted communications strategies: Cause Marketing and Content Marketing. In the former, Corporate Social Responsibility aligns a corporate brand with a non-profit to raise awareness of a cause. In the latter, audiences are engaged through compelling, relevant and educational content created for the purposes of marketing. Where the two meet is the “new frontier” of documentary storytelling.

Russell is a co-founder of Fusionspark Media, Inc., a communications firm established in 1999. He holds an undergraduate degree in Political Science from Northeastern University, in Boston, and has worked most of his professional life as a photographer and visual communications expert.

Collaborations for Cause, hosted May 4th & 5th 2012 by the Blue Earth Alliance, was a retreat for communications professionals who want and need to use emerging new media outlets to build strong, lasting bridges among creative multimedia storytellers, non-profits, socially responsible corporations and supporting communities.

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