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Blue Earth Alliance

Braided River: Publishing, Partnerships & Environmental Advocacy - Collaborations for Cause 2012

Braided River, a branch of Mountaineers Books, has produced a series of photography-driven books on important conservation issues. We'll hear from the publisher and a non-profit partner about how "To The Arctic" came together, why projects like it work, and where this kind of collaboration is going.

Helen Cherullo is publisher of The Mountaineers Books, the publishing division of The Mountaineers and dedicated to "leading our readers to the lessons and pleasures of the great outdoors." She has been a Mountaineers member since 1992, when she first started at "Books."

Dan Ritzman is the Deputy Director of the Sierra Club’s Resilient Habitats Campaign, and directs the Sierra Club’s Arctic Campaign. For more than a decade he has worked to thwart efforts to open the Arctic Refuge to oil development and to protect special areas of America’s Arctic. He has a long history of using creative outreach approaches to connect people to special places. Dan has a passion for America’s Arctic and has undertaken over 35 trips north of the Arctic Circle.

Gary Hawkman’s passion for imaging and science led him to pioneer techniques for photo restoration, edition printing and the application of computers to all phases of graphic design and photo reproduction. He has a 35 year history in the graphic arts and photographic businesses. Currently he is the managing partner at iocolor, a premier book production company which produces work for museums, artists, photographers as well as university presses and major publishers. iocolor is located in the historic Pioneer District in the building that housed the first printing company in the downtown area of Seattle.

Collaborations for Cause, hosted May 4th & 5th 2012 by the Blue Earth Alliance, was a retreat for communications professionals who want and need to use emerging new media outlets to build strong, lasting bridges among creative multimedia storytellers, non-profits, socially responsible corporations and supporting communities.

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