1022 Shore Acres Drive

Photography By Cory

1022 Shore Acres Drive, Leesburg, Florida

"The Herlong Home

The Home in which you are standing has a rich and fascinating provenance. The design of the home began in 1935 with the commissioning of Ocala architect Frank Parziale. He was instructed to draft and build an abode for a close knit family to live in harmony and comfort.

Mister Parziale was no novice. While still in his twenties, he was a member of a small select group of architects that oversaw the construction of the magnificent Bryn Athyn Cathedral. Located just outside Philadelphia, this early Gothic and Norman style edifice was completed in 1919 after six years of meticulous oversight. Today it remains the Episcopal seat of the General Church of New Jerusalem. Travel south about 50 miles to the town of San Antonio, Florida and you will find a Benedictine monastery and Saint Leo’s Abbey Church just before commencing wonk on the Herlong home.

At the time of completion in 1936, the home was surrounded by orange orchards on three sides and Lake Griffin on the fourth. The Herlong family moved in and would remain for more than half a century.
The family wielded both financial and political power in the Leesburg area. As years rolled by, Sydney, Senior passed away on June 21, 1963 at 77 years old; wife Cora, six years earlier. Sydney Junior, passed away at 86 years of age on December 27, 1996, the day after the couple’s 65th wedding anniversary. His wife, Mary Alice survived until Easter Sunday, 2002 in her 92nd year.

The home stands today in much the same condition as that day in 1936 when the Herlong’s took their first step across its threshold. Numerous notable politicians, businessmen and famous personalities have warmed themselves in front of its fireplace. To this day the home continues to have a warm inviting feeling. Enjoy your stay.




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