Fourth Absence / by Sofian Audry, 2010

Absences is a series of electronic interventions in natural environments. Autonomous electronic devices are deployed within various ecosystems in the manner of ephemeral experiments. They interact with the surrounding elements through different relational strategies. Taking shape at the frontier of electronic art and environmental art, it proposes a meditation on solitude and association, natural and artificial, interaction and contemplation.

Located over the 64th degree North, Dawson City is a small town founded during the Gold Rush. This is where the Fourth Absence was installed in Fall 2009. Due to its very high lattitude, the region faces extreme differences of lighting and temperatures through the year. Using a small speaker and amplifier which are located 6 feet underground in order to avoid damage due to extreme temperatures, the device emits a sound at a regular pace. Since making the sound consumes some energy from its batteries, the device needs to adapts its rythm throughout the year to stay in synch with the available solar resources.

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