Day One Talk

The idea for this project was born during the How I Live filming when one of the providers we were filming with asked us to create an educational video. This prompted us to think more broadly about how film could be used in global health settings to supplement existing educational material and healthcare provider / patient family discussions. To further explore this idea, we worked with Erin Atwood McCann, MD, MPH from Harvard Chan School of Public Health on a patient education project and Erin already presented the joint work during the AHOPCA in Panama. Among other findings, this research showed that in low-resource settings, healthcare providers may have a limited amount of time they can spend with patients and families, and often at the ‘Day One Talk’ (D1T) when patients and families first learn about the diagnosis, they are so overwhelmed that they cannot remember all of the information. The Day One Talk concept is based on research conducted by our faculty (see link here: and similar formats are implemented at various pediatric oncology settings around the world. With this data as background, we created a two-part series of videos around the topic of The Day One Talk that could both act as training and educational materials: one for healthcare providers, and one made specifically for patients and families that discusses the 'patient family' perspective on the beginning of the journey of a child with cancer.

  1. Day One Talk - Healthcare Provider Version English

    For Health Care Providers

  2. Day One Talk - Patient Family Version English

    For Patients & Families

  3. Day One Talk - Healthcare Provider Version Spanish

  4. Day One Talk - Patient Family Version Spanish

  5. D1T Healthcare Provider Version - Armenian

  6. D1T Patient Family Version - Armenian