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American West

This show brings to life the two most recognizable Iconic images of America to life - Native American Dancers and the American Cowboy. Just like to wild west shows of 100 years ago, this program combines Native American Dance and Song demonstrations from a variety of tribes from across North America with American Cowboy songs, stories, and the Old West Art of trick roping. The program is full of audience participation and interaction as they learn to appreciate Native American Culture and dance. Historical connections to the life and times of the American Cowboy and their part of the Westward movement are explored. This high energy show is ideal for school assemblies, library shows, city shows, and other community events. Cowboy Ken will demonstrate Old West Trick roping tricks like "The Butterfly," "The Wedding Ring," "The Double Loop Spin," and "The Flying Loop Trick." Ben Hale of the Navajo Nation, will demonstrate dances like "The Eagle," and "The Hoop Dance." This is truly a one-of-a-kind American West experience that children and adults will talk about for years. For more information contact Dream Shapers at or call (888) 499-1270

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